Radiaatiori ventiili astmeline nelikant võti 1/2" narrega, 5 astet 3/8"-7/16"-1/2"-3/4"-1"

49,52 €

Radiator Valve Ratchet Set
For installation and removal of heating valve nipples, tank connectors and short tap extensions
Key has fittings from small to large, stepped along the length of the key, for different internal hexagon and internal lug valve sizes
5 different steps: 3/8"-7/16"-1/2"-3/4"-1"
1/2 Ratchet makes installations quick and easy
1/2" square drive
Chrome plated surface finish
Content: Ratchet, square drive and stepped key in a practical plastic pouch
Standars: ISO 3315 / DIN 3122 / ISO 1174-2 / DIN 3120
Tootekood: 8195-SET



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